How to use the App

Download the App

To become a Reffiliate, simply download the GetTheReferral.com App from your smartphone and create a new account.

Enter your Partner Company Code, Select a Sales Rep if one referred you or Select None and follow the registration process to get started.

To register as a Reffiliate successfully, you must provide your First Name, Last Name, or Company name and a valid Email Address. Other personal information is optional, however the more information provided at the time of registration will allow for a timely response from the Partner Company or GetTheReferral.com.

You’re ready to start making referrals!

Once you successfully register as a Reffiliate, you can automatically begin submitting referrals to the Partner Company you identified on the GetTheReferral.com App.

Easily access your bonus rewards total right on your home page!

Adding a new referral is easy. Simply import a contact from your smartphone or input a name, phone and email and you’re all set. Additional information is helpful for the process but is optional.

Receive rewards through our automated rewards system

Reffiliates will automatically be sent rewards via our automated rewards payment system, when the referrals have been successfully met with and/or converted into a sale.

The promotional rewards and number of sold referrals to earn bonus will be set by the Partner Company.

All promotional rewards will be identified in the GetTheReferral.com App and the Reffiliate will be sent a notification via the App informing the Reffiliate of the status of their referral. All promotional rewards will be paid out via our automated rewards system.

All promotional rewards are subject to change at any time without notice.

A referral can only be entered by a single Reffiliate and will be identified once the referral is submitted and is based on the earliest date and time of the submission. If a duplicate referral is entered, the second or duplicate referral will be rejected by the Partner Company. If for some reason, the second or duplicate referral does get registered, the Partner Company will only pay one Reffiliate based on the earliest submission date and time.

The Partner Company reserves the right to limit or restrict participation in the promotional reward to any person at any time for any reason. The eligibility of a Reffiliate shall be determined by the Partner Company in its sole discretion. Void where any aspect of the promotional reward is prohibited, taxed or otherwise restricted by law or where registration, bonding, local judging or translation is required. The promotional reward is subject to all national, state and local laws including applicable tax codes. No substitution or transfer of any of the rewards by Reffiliate is permitted.

Monitor your referral progress and status


Easily access your bonus rewards total right on your home page!

Unverified Referral

All referrals remain unverified until contact has been made by your Partner Company.

Verified Referral

Once the Partner Company successfully meets with the referred customer (within 90 days) they become a Verified Referral.

Sold Referral

Once the referred customer, submitted by the Reffiliate, becomes a paid and approved contracted customer you have a successful Sold Referral!

Keep the referrals – and rewards coming!

Keep adding referrals to build your referral program – monitor and receive your rewards via our automated rewards system along the way.

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