Get referrals anytime, anywhere

Arm your customers with the easy referral App.

Get referrals anytime, anywhere

Arm your customers with the easy referral App.

Get referrals anytime, anywhere

Arm your customers with the easy referral App.

Get referrals anytime, anywhere.

Arm your customers with the easy referral App.

Increase word of mouth and grow your business with your own referral App.

We know referrals are the best way to get qualified leads that turn into sales. GetTheReferral.com provides an easy to use solution for a referral program that is flexible and customizable for your business. Take a minute and learn more with our quick video.

Turn your customers into Reffiliates who can easily make referrals with the App.

Our dashboard gives you a full view of performance metrics as referrals make their way from a lead to a completed sale. Easily track your conversion rate, Reffiliate performance, incentive program and more.

Reffiliates Use App

  • Make referrals from their phone.
  • App allows tracking of referrals.
  • Receive alerts on rewards.

Business Owner

  • Track and monitor from your dashboard.
  • Receive alerts on new referrals - real time.
  • Track rewards and Reffiliate growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
It is a simple process to get your GetTheReferral.com Referral App Program started. First, visit the pricing tab and review the options and select the program that works best for you and your business. Then, click on the package that you want and add it to your cart. You will have the option of paying a monthly recurring fee based on the package that you selected or receive a 10% discount by paying 12 months up front. Once you purchase your referral program, you will complete the “New Customer Information Form.” Once submitted, you will be contacted by a GetTheReferral.com Expert to walk you through your account and next steps. You will then have instant access to both the GetTheReferral.com Referral App and your Customized Dashboard Interface. We accept all major credit cards.

Can I change my pricing plan along the way?
If at any time, you exceed the number of sales reps per your plan during a given month, you will automatically be billed for the plan that will provide you with the proper amount of sales reps without any interruption and will remain at the level for as long of a period that you exceed the previous plan or a minimum of two billing cycles, at which time you can go back to the previous plan that accommodates the number of sales reps you currently have. The plan is very flexible and we make it easy for you to adjust throughout the subscription period.

How does the package pricing work?
Choose between a standardized package for up to 6 sales reps using the GetTheReferral.com App or a Custom Elite package, which includes your own branded App with your logo and color scheme, available on the iOS and the Google Play stores. Each package includes a minimum 12-month commitment. If you purchase a recurring monthly program, you can cancel after the 12-month minimum commitment. Billing will continue through the end of that particular billing cycle and then no further payment will be taken until you re-activate your account. We want the program to work for you and we will do everything possible to be sure that it is successful. This program is a low risk opportunity to increase your referral business by 40-50%.

What other services are available?
At GetTheReferral.com, our goal is to ensure that you get the most out of your referral program and that we have the ability to assist you in a number of areas to be sure that your referral program is successful. From the smallest partner company to the largest, we will have the resources and experts at your fingertips to assist you in building and managing your GetTheReferral.com Reffiliate Referral Team. If you have any questions, please contact us at 559.476.1679 or support@GetTheReferral.com.

Referrals right at your fingertips

What makes our referral program different from the others is our easy to use App. Making a referral can happen anywhere and your Reffiliates can take action at that very moment eliminating the chance for a delay which could end in a lost lead.

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